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1Euchre Solitaire  v.1.0Games / CardsFreeFreeware3.41 Mb
2Euchre  v.1.0Games / CardsFreeFreeware4.25 Mb
3Euchre#  v.1.0Games / CardsFreeFreeware0 Kb
4Hardwood Euchre  v.1.1 b18Multimedia / Image Editors$24.95Shareware7.09 Mb
5Tams11 Euchre  v. / CardsFreeFreeware1024 Kb
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1Euchre Solitaire  v.1.0Games / CardsFreeFreewareDetail

Euchre Solitaire is a single player euchre card game where the player plays cards against the deck according to the rules of euchre. The player must take 3 tricks against the deck to win a hand.

3.41 Mb
2Green River Game Pack  v.1.0Games / Miscellaneous$19.50SharewareDetail

Over 25 games including several solitaire card games, spades, hearts, gin rummy, backgammon, color memorization, tic-tac-toe, euchre, crazy 8s, war, hangman, and many more

6.78 Mb
3Euchre and Ecarte by MeggieSoft Games  v.2006.2Games / Cards$20.00SharewareDetail

MeggieSoft Games Euchre and Ecarte is a comprehensive implementation of two card games: Ecarte and Euchre (the two-player version). Play against an online opponent or against your computer with many customizable visual, audio, and game options.

1.99 Mb
4Scorpion Solitaire Card Game  v.1.0Games / Strategy & WarFreeFreewareDetail

Get ready for a sting! Scorpion Solitaire is here! If you can beat this four suit scorpion solitaire variation, you are a true solitaire master! Scorpion Solitaire has great elements of spider solitaire with a few twists of its own!

8.65 Mb
5Yukon Solitaire Card Game  v.1.0Games / Strategy & WarFreeFreewareDetail

Yukon Solitaire is for Solitaire Professionals...or, at least, people who think they are! Yukon Solitaire combines elements from both card game Klondike Solitaire and Freecell Solitaire. It's very similiar to klondike--or traditional--solitaire.

8.65 Mb
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1Euchre Solitaire  v.1.0Games / CardsFreeFreeware3.41 Mb

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2100% Free Euchre Card Game for Windows  v.7.42Games / CardsFreeFreeware5.38 Mb

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3Championship Euchre for Windows  v.7.18Games / Cards$19.99Shareware6.71 Mb

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4Yukon Solitaire 2 Suit  v.3.2Games / Cards-Shareware2.7 Mb
5Euchre  v.1.0Games / CardsFreeFreeware4.25 Mb

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